Internship report 2 Báo cáo thực tập bằng tiếng anh

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The internship timetable at: “Giving It Back To Kids” Organizations.

From January 10th 2010 to March 5th 2010

I would report my job and the problems of acquisition by myself as follows:

I. Introduce about “Giving It Back To Kids”.

II. Job description.

III. The personal experience acquired through the trainee.

IV. Some of creative ideas about my experience.

In our country, translators and interpreters by profession are increasingly valued in the context of integration with the world. Vietnam has become an official member of WTO, the need for translators and interpreters of languages, especially English continue to increasing. Translators and interpreters become an important bridge about language and culture.

As principle, after completing all the subjects of Department, each 4th year student will have a graduation practice program. Graduation practice round is considered one of the mandatory test for senior students. The contents of the internship program are aimed to train for students the capable of independent in thought and work. The goal of this internship program is to help us to apply the knowl

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Internship report 2 Báo cáo thực tập bằng tiếng anh doc Đăng bởi
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