Research Dissertation Applying MSD NAV in SanLim Furniture Vietnam

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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is still a new concept in Vietnam. Presently, the companies which know about ERP and invest in ERP are mainly foreign firms. The reason is that the leaders of these firms are aware of the vital importance of Information Technology in their business; know the benefits of ERP systems, conditions and methods for applying successfully ERP system. Especially, some foreign firms have mother companies located oversee and experienced in using and managing ERP systems. Therefore, they are ready to invest in order to upgrade continuously their IT system.

Vietnamese enterprises have great opportunities and also big threats when Vietnam joined WTO. They need to upgrade themselves in many fields such as management, knowledge of laws, technology, etc in order to compete with foreign firms. It is necessary to learn about ERP - an efficient tool of information technology which is helpful in supporting firms’ management and improve significantly productivity.

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